Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thank you, Lew

Lew Rockwell at the Mises Institute put my piece on the financial crisis and the bailout from the Sunday Register on his Website today. I don't know how many hits it got -- they converted it to Rockwell style rather than linking to the Register site -- but Lew's site, of course, gets a lot more hits than either this blog or the Register, and I got a lot of nice e-mails from readers. Matt told me today that my article got an unusual number of hits, and at first I thought it was through Lew's site until I checked it out. It turns out most were through Google, but we don't know what people were looking for. Maybe it was the topic.

Here's Lew's piece on the House vote Monday, as well as pieces by Frank Shostak and Robert Murphy, as well as the Mises Bailout Reader, which includes a number of pieces on the Austrian business cycle theory, which sadly seems to have been validated once again.

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