Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3-2 Phillies

Fox might not be exactly enchanted by a World Series between two relatively small-market teams who probably don't have much a national following (yet), but I think this is going to be an excellent World Series for those who like fundamentally sound baseball closely contested. I think I'm rooting for the Rays, if only because they moved up from having the worst record last year to earning their way here by winning when they had to -- and because their manager, Joe Maddon, used to be bench coach for the Angels. And maybe because they gave up the Devil?

Tonight was a case of good pitching beating good hitting, on both sides, with Cole Hamels being just a bit better and the Rays pitchers stranding 11 Phillies and Brad Lidge, the Phillies closer being lights-out in the ninth. Both teams earned their way here by winning over teams that mnight have been expected to beat them, both are fairly young, with guys likely to be stars for some time to come, and both have fairly interesting stories. I could be wrong; maybe one team will close it out quickly, but I still expect an interesting series with most of the games competitive. For a fan with no strong allegiance either way, that's close to perfect.

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