Saturday, October 18, 2008

23-20 -- Not pretty, but I'll take it

Now that's more like it! I was almost resigned to losing when Stanford kicked a field goal to go up 4 points with 2:31 left. But Kevin Craft and the whole team seemed to understand the importance and turn it up a notch. After being sacked six times prior, he escaped and even threw one a bit down the field.

Actually they played with some intensity much of the game. And once Stanford got those two early touchdowns, the Bruin defense (mostly) shut them down pretty well. But I have to say Stanford's Gerhart is a helluva runner. Have to hope Bell or Coleman eventually breaks out similarly sooner or later, but the offensive line is so young.

Seems strange to see Stanford playing three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust smash-mouth football after so often being a finesse team. Even better to see that although the bent a bit the Bruins could hold up against such a team. Hope it's something to build on.

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