Tuesday, October 28, 2008

End of public financing can't come soon enough

John McCain is said to be sad that the fundraising prowess of Barack Obama may put an end to the practice of having presidential candidates' campaigns funded by taxpayers -- that's what "public financing" is. It can't happen too soon for me. I have never understoof why it was supposed to be more moral or upright or noble to take money by force from people, half of whom typically don't bother to vote, to finance the ambitions of those who aspire to be themost powerful scoundrel in the world. I'm sure Barack Obama, who appears to be poised to win the presidency fairly handily, will do many more things to displease me than to please me once in office; every president in my lifetime has. But if he is the proximate cause of ending taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns, he will have done one good thing.

Here's the Register's editorial on the subject.

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