Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back to singing!

Now for something much more cheerful than all these political developments. Since the Temecula Vintage Singers disassembled a little more than a year ago I haven't been singing in a group, and I was starting to miss it. So I was glad to discover that a recently-formed group in the Temecula-Murrieta area, the Don Morris Singers (listen to the concert recordings if you click on the link), was holding auditions. I was accepted and attended my first rehearsal last night. I always like first rehearsals best because they involve sight-reading, which I enjoy. Don, who has worked with Roger Wagner and Paul Salamunovich, is an excellent if demanding director. It's going to be a ball!

Anyway, we are doing a Christmas concert December 5 with a brass ensemble (Palestrina, Benjamin Britten, Wm. Hall, Daniel Pinkham, various traditional carols and anthems, 3 or 4 Glorias) at the performing arts center in Fallbrook. It's a private-party event, so I can't dun you to buy tickets, but since we'll have a program prepared, we're looking for other venues in which to perform them. I'll pass along more information as I get it.

I'm inordinately pleased that I've been able to perform music in various instrumental and vocal ensembles for most of my life. Jen thinks it's good for my lungs. I know it's good for my soul.

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