Thursday, October 30, 2008

How fiscally responsible will California voters be?

Here's a link to the column I wrote for last Sunday's Register Commentary section, on the relationship between California government's fiscal crisis -- it's become a little worse since I wrote, with Ahnold acknowledging at least a $10 billion deficit a few weeks after the budget was "fixed" -- and the propositions on the ballot. There are $16 billion worth of general-obligation bonds on the ballot next Tuesday, the worst being Prop. 1A, a down payment on a high-speed train boondoggle. The only Prop. that promises to save taxpayers money is Prop. 5, the drug law reform measure. Will voters take the fiscal crisis into account and vote down all the bonds and the big-spending proposals and support Prop. 5? I think I made a decent case for it, but we'll see.

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