Saturday, October 04, 2008

28-3 -- That's more like it!!

I wasn't sure what to expect and I had some trepidation through the first quarter, when there was still a slight drizzle. But then the offense started to click, we got a few breaks and . . .

I had hoped the defense would get better -- figured it had to happen sooner or later -- and in this game it did; I was especially pleased that they got some sacks toward the end of the game. Kevin Craft keeps improving, Kahlil Bell is inspirational and good, and it's starting to look like a real team. I know WSU is hardly the strongest team ever -- third-string quarterback in his first start after some injuries and all -- and Oregon, coming off a clobbering by USC, is going to look to exact revenge on us next week. And I suspect this is still a rebuilding year. But this win really felt good.

Actually, a great night for Southern California sports, with USC bouncing back and the Dodgers sweeping Chicago -- sorry, Cubbies fans. Now if only the Angels can find a way to suck it up and win tomorrow.

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Mike Freitas said...

Don't worry. Saunders will be light's out. Lackey, will pitch as well and its back to OC. And the bailout will cure everything. I'm hoping for 2 out of 3.