Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Endorsing gay marriage

Here is the Register's editorial on Prop. 8 on the California ballot, which would add to the state constitution the provisions that California recognizes only marriage between a man and a woman. Such a provision passed as a statute in 2000, but this May the Calif. Supremes overturned it, arguing (correctly in my view) that it violated the equal-protection clause in the California Constitution. (The same clause was used in 1048 to overturn a ban on interracial marriage.) Naturally, then, we urged a No vote, which would leave the legalization of same-sex marriage intact.

The polls actually show No ahead on this measure, 55-38 in the most recent poll, probably because gays have been getting married steadily since May, and nobody has felt the institution of marriage crumbling. It's hard to understand the hysteria that remains on the topic, but as you can see if you peruse the comments, it's alive and well.

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