Thursday, April 09, 2009

Opposing the Afghan war

Typically, this list of 10 things to do to oppose the Afghan war -- originally from the Nation and cross-posted at Alternet -- doesn't acknowledge the work done and the articles written by people at (which, by the way is an excellent foreign affairs news site independently of the opinions expressed), including me (repeatedly) and Justin Raimondo, although we try to acknowledge what our friends on the left are doing. My experience has been that people on the left, for the most part, prefer not to even try to enter into coalition with libertarians on issues of common interest, or even to acknowledge that libertarians exist. That makes me wonder if they really want to prevent or end wars, or if they're content to have them continue, giving them issues to complain about. I'm not a movement person or an organizer but a writer, but I would dearly love to see somebody with organizing skills try to get all the elements of the antiwar persuasion together on occasion and try to do something effective without too much sniping at one another.

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