Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Judge Gray doing the lord's legalization work

I'm listening to my old friend Judge James P. Gray offering, as he always does, a calm and reasoned argument for ending the drug war -- specifically endorsing Tom Ammiano's bill to legalize marijuana in California and treat it approximately the same as the govt. now treats alcohol -- on KFI 640. The host is Tim Conway Jr. Until a few weeks ago I didn't know there was a Junior, but he's been filling in on KFI and I find that I enjoy him, which I supposed is not surprising since I absolutely loved his father, one of the nonpariel comedians of our time.

It's interesting. Tim just identified himself as a vote-that-way-always Republican, but he is utterly enthusiastic about legalizing marijuana and predicts that it will be legal in a few years. Judge Gray makes the case that the harms of prohibition far exceed those of marijuana -- about as safe an assertion as can be imagined.


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