Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not my favorite day

Some days just work out like that. We needed a screen door on our front door so we thought we would upgrade to a security door. Bought it yesterday and figured we'd install it today. Simple, right? A couple of hours tops? Not, it took us almost 45 minutes of tinkering and an online video from Home Depot to figure out where to put the first screws. After that it seemed as if it would be easy -- until we discovered our door opening was just about exactly a half-inch too wide to make the latch work. So off to Lowe's to find just the right size piece of wood -- and then we had to mortise out some of it and couldn't change bits on the router. Etc., etc. A real Murphy's Law project. Didn't even get to watch the Lakers and still don't know how the Angels did.

So it took forever, but we now have perhaps the most solid security door in captivity. The only problem is there is a big gap at the bottom where bugs and lizards could get through, so we can't use it a a screen door (solid door open to let the breeze through) until we beef up the threshhold. A project for another day.

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