Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels win one for Nick

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart's death resonated so deeply around the country. When a 22-year-old is cut down by a drunk driver after pitching six scoreless innings that showed he belonged in the Show and likely to have a long and successful career (he was shaky and sent down to Triple A last year), it's just too poignant not to touch peoples' hearts. It's almost too much to imagine what his father must have gone through, although it was chronicled from the outside. We took a vacation from politics and wrote an editorial about his death and other recent deaths in Orange County, and it got 1,000 more hits online than editorials usually get.

So it was nice to see the Angels win tonight, behind a splendid 6-2/3 innings from Jered Weaver, one of the Angels' other fine young pitchers, and against the Nemesis Boston Red Sox. But win or lose, you could tell it was an emotional evening.

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