Friday, April 10, 2009

AfPaks just want more

At a forum in Washington, the ambassadors to the US from Afghanistan appeared together and agreed on one thing: they want the U.S. government to send more of everything. More troops, more money, more school construction, more training, more weapons, more aid, ad infinitum. Nice try, Obama, but no cigar. Our needs will be endless as long as you decide the U.S. has to be the one that confronts the various bad guys on the ground. We;'ll never be satisfied.

I wonder just when the world will begin to understand that Uncle Sugar is not only out of money but deeply, deeply in debt and going further into debt by the millisecond. China, which is holding so much of that debt, is starting to get worried, but other countries seem to think the basket of bounty is bottomless. Well, as long as U.S. leaders keep acting as if they can just keep on spending endlessly, perhaps you can't blame them.

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