Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days of Hype

I really dislike this artificial delineation of the first 100 days of any president's term -- that phony demarcation that everybody in the news media claims to recognize as artificial and unhelpful, just before hyping the heck out of it. Sure enough, Obama claimed the country is coming out of the recession thanks to his sterling efforts, but refuses to acknowledge he had any part in creating this huge deficit facing the government. The acolytes bow and the critics carp. SOS. Yawn. We'll have a nuch better idea in months. I know he knows nothing about economics, so I doubt his proclamations. If he really wanted a "new era" in Washington he could have simply failed to pay the least bit of attention to this "milestone." But old habits die hard, and foolish customs ossify into "sacred traditions."

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