Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Passover: triumph over powers and principalities

There's something about Easter -- well actually the very essence of it -- that brings out the anarchist in me, as this editorial for the Register might suggest. After all, it's the ultimate triumph not only over death, but over the Roman state -- standing, in my mind, for the institution of the State itself -- which though it could get rid of Jesus and his radical ideas by killing him, which is the State's preferred modus operandi. Taken together with Passover, which celebrates the Henrews' liberation from yet another oppressive state, it suggests rather strongly to me that Yahweh/God is not well-disposed to human principalities and powers and would prefer that His children liberate themselves from them so they can give full allegiance to Him.

If you're interested in exploring such ideas further, I recommend Vernard Eller's landmark book, "Christian Anarchy," available for download. Jacques Ellul also had some remarkable insights. Worth pondering.

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