Friday, April 17, 2009

Family comes first

I had intentions of blogging fairly extensively last night, but after I called my son Steve to talk briefly, he called later and we stayed on the phone for almost three hours. He's 23 and has just bought his first house in Las Vegas -- something I hadn't even dreamed of doing at that age. He's excited about fixing it up to be as "green" as possible and maybe buying some more as investments so he can turn to doing things he really wants to do in the next few years. Am I inordinately proud of him? You bet! We'll be seeing him in a couple of weeks when I take my furlough -- another indicator of the sad financial shape the newspaper business is in these days -- but it was great to be able to talk to him so long this evening. Guess Obama's Latin American trip, correcting the record on how much U.S. guns (as compared to US drug policies) are contributing to the violence in Mexico, some of the music I've been listening to in the past several days and other topics might just have to wait for tonight.

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