Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Give North Korea the South Park treatment

The fuss-and-feathers over North Korea launching a failed missile test is fascinating but a little disconcerting. Our Big Thinkers keep trying to conjure existential threats from failed and failing pipsqueak regimes. I still think the provocative bits of bravado from the Hermit Kingdom are calls gfor attention whose ultimate purpose is to end the regime's isolation. So give them diplomatic recognition and a guarantee that the U.S. will never invade, which would be as loony a step as one can imagine, accompanied by a horselaugh at the regime's inability to feed itself, let alone build a workable missile. Maybe we could ask for a translation of the songs praising little KimJong Il from the phantom satellite. If it has to be accompanied by a stern lecture about not testing our patience with laughable attempts at modern weapons, so be it.

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