Sunday, August 02, 2009

Obama coming back to earth

If I do say so, I think this Register editorial sums up where the Obama administration is at this point fairly well. From Obama's perspective there have certainly been success -- if you consider getting a stimulus package that isn't really stimulating a success, which I presume he does. Guantanamo, as we predicted early on, is turning out to be more complicated than expected. Pelosi and Co. really had to knock heads to get cap-n-trade through the House and prospects are less than sure in the Senate. Whether he'll get some kind of health-care deform -- my prediction is a bit of tinkering around the edges -- no "public option," maybe not even co-ops, probably no universal mandate -- before the end of the year so he can call it a victory, depends to a great extent on what congresscritters, especially the Blue Dogs, hear from home during the recess. They may come back stoked to do the Obama-led transformation or more inclined to resist. I'm guessing more inclined to resist but things will take a while to shake out.

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