Sunday, August 02, 2009

Temecula winery named best in state

For the second year, South Coast Winery has been named the best in the state at the Califgornia State Fair's wine competition in Sacramento. That's rather remarkable considering that it was opened only in2004. More than 600 wineries submitted more than 2,600 wines for the competition. Considering that it was in competition with all those long-established wineries in Norther and Central California, this is quite a tribute.

We watched it being built over the previous year, and one must admit that it is an impressive complex, with a very fine restaurant, villas for overnight stays, and an architecturally interesting walkway along the front. The owners obviously had a lot of capital and did a first-rate job. We have eaten there several times and been impressed each time. When the Temecula Vintage Singers was still in existence and I was singing with them, we sang for some kind of event in the lovely patio area. We didn't visit it last weekend -- went to Ponte Family Vineyards, which is next door and has a slightly more informal atmosphere.

Oh, and the wine is more than a little bit good.

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Anonymous said...

Alan - we also find Ponte wine quite wonderful and a better atmosphere...