Monday, August 10, 2009

UCLA football -- new season, better results?

You can tell we're starting to gear up for football season, my favorite time of the year. I like to watch games in which I don't have a rooting interest, but when it comes to sports I'm mostly atavistic: I went to UCLA and played freshman football (back when they had freshman football and you could make the team without being a star by not quitting) so I root for UCLA no matter what the realistic prospects are. Otherwise, I tend to favor the team that is farthest west or farthest south (which means I usually root for USC also -- my father got his Master's there -- unless they're playing UCLA). In pro football the Chargers are closest to home and my wife grew up in Buffalo, so those are my faves.

Anyway, after a dismal 4-8 season last year the Bruins seem to have a quarterback in whom they have more confidence, a first-rate defense, and an offensive line (a bug weakness last year) that claims to be stronger. We'll see. But while I may be critical I won't waver in my loyalty.

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