Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saving money with Obamacare? I don't think so

Mark Landsbuam, Steve Greenhut and I managed to plow through the entire House Education and Labor Committee version of the health care bill, all 1018 pages of it. Our preliminary thoughts were recorded here in the Register's Sunday Commentary section. Very complex filled with mandates -- and the middle section, my assignment, was almost entirely new coverage or reduced co-payments and the like for Medicare, all of which are likely to make it cost more than it does -- even as everybody knows it will go broke before too long, and the mantra is that they can squeeze $500 billion in sav8ings out of Medicare over 10 years. The insistence by politicians of adding to government -- i.e., taxpayer -- obligations when the econoomy is in the tank, the government is beyond broke, and things are falling apart, is incredible to me. Fiddling while Washington burns?

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Anonymous said...

The best way for the United States to easily save money would be to cut its ridiculously high military spending and close its empire of military bases around the world. If U.S. "defense" spending was truly, well, defensive, the USA wouldn't need a tenth of the military budget it now has. I mean its not like an army of Canadians are massing on the North Dakota border.