Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kennedy a mixed bag in conventional terms

The Register didn't see a need to define Ted Kennedy entirely negatively in this editorial that ran today (well, I guess yesterday by now. He had his qualities, he worked hard, he probably sincerely (though mistakenly) thought he was genuinely doing useful and compassionate things. And he did oppose the Iraq war. But he saw doing good as creating government programs, using other peoples' money, thus reducing the amount of freedom in society. Not my definition of doing good. And yet, close to the end, you couldn't help but like the guy a bit.


Anonymous said...

I hope its the end for the Kennedy's as a political force. America no more needs a "royal family" of politics then it needs an imperial presidency. The Kennedy's would be better off too. Both JFK and Bobbie would have not been killed had they been in private life.

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