Friday, August 07, 2009

Good news in Iran, Somalia

Can you stand a little good news? We certainly aren't getting a lot of it here in the good old US of A. But the State Dept. intelligence analysts (who were closer to right about Iraq in 2003 than any other gummint agencies) think that Iran will not be able to produce weapons-grade material before 2013 -- and that's a technical timetable. It also doesn't think a political decision has been made to start producing high-grade uranium.

Who knows, maybe the mullahs will have been pushed out by 2013. Of course a subsequent regime might still be interested in nukes -- the Shah started the program and two neighbors, Israel and Pakistan, have them.

Meanwhile in Somalia, word is that the Islamist rebels, al-Shahab, are at their weakest point in years, divided and unpopular. Maybe the world isn't as full of dire threats as the manic interventionists would like to have us believe.

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Anonymous said...

How come its "okay" for the United States to have nuclear weapons but not Iran? I would add the USA is the only nation on earth to ever actually USE nuclear weapons. Not once, but twice. And against an already defeated foe too. The idea that a nuclear armed Iran (or North Korea) is a "threat" to America is patently absurd. It MAY - or MAY not - be a "threat" to Israel but not America. This is really all about maintaining American and Israeli hegemony. Would Serbia have been subjected to 78 days of unprovoked American bombing if it had had nuclear weapons? I doubt it.