Monday, August 24, 2009

Rose Friedman, RIP

It was a great privilege for me to participate in what might have been Rose Friedman's last public appearance, the dedication of the Milton and Rose Friedman Reading Room at Chapman University. Chapman president Jim Doti asked me to make some remarks both at the dedication itself and at the lunch afterward. I spoke about Milton and Rose's dedication to school choice and the foundation they established to further the ideal. It was gratifying to see Rose, who was frail but alert and sharp, nod her head and smile at some of the things I said. Those are among the finest rewards one can get from public speaking -- that and knowing your son is listening and will tell you later that if you want a career in public speaking he'll manage you.

At the Register we recognized that Rose Friedman was Milton's full partner, deserving not only the co-bline on "Free to Choose." but a big share in everything Milton achieved. It's sad she's gone.

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