Monday, August 17, 2009

The White House lied, nobody died

I thought and for the most part still think that the issue of unsolicited e-mails from the White House was somewhat contrived at the outset. Yes, the White House having e-mail addresses for people who never left them at the WH Website is a little creepy, and there's a barely justifiable suspicion that the White House might be collecting an "enemies list," as all White Houses eventually do, perhaps in part from people identified as having"fishy" second thoughts about nationalized health care. But to send those on the enemies' list an effusive letter obviously designed for true believers isn't so much sinister as incompetent. And I can hardly believe, with the amount of spam everybody gets, that many people were all that outraged -- unless talking as if outraged would get them on TV.

Apparently that's the current explanation. After denying (and lying, of course) that the White House sent any unsolicited e-mails, the WH is now blaming unspecified outside support groups, who maybe lent their membership lists to the Obamaites? It's still pretty vague, and I'm sure far from the real story. Eventually most of the details will come out. It was stupid and incompetent of the WH to lie about this in the first place, and the amateurs still haven't put out a credible story.

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