Sunday, September 09, 2007

War and liberty

Here's a link to the piece my colleague Steve Greenhut did as we approach the anniversary of 9/11, in Sunday's Register Commentary section. He emphasizes the freedom we have lost, the ways the government has used the fear arising from 9/11 to expand its power, partricularly its power to keep watch on Americans. And as usual in time of war, most of the people have not protested, ready to trade liberty for safety, when it's not a trade-off at all. It will be interesting to see what kinds of phone calls and e-mails he gets in response.

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daveg said...

On thing, can you see the link between immigration and loss of liberty?

Virtually all of the "terror plots" uncovered by Bush have involved immigrants - often illegal immigrants.

Similarly, the wire tapping usually involves someone overseas and therefore an immigrant here in the states (most likely).

Being an society that will not control - and prevent - people from coming in forces us to invoke harsh measures on the local populace. That is, it forces us to reduce liberty.

Just think, if we had little or not muslim immigration, but particularly student immigration, the risk of terrorism in the US would be virtually nill. We have oceans protecting us, yet we cower in fear because we worship, literally worship at the "gods" of immigration.

Stop all immigration from Muslim nations for 10 years. Do not renew any current outstanding visa's. You will see the number of incidents go down and the need for police state measures reduced.

There is a cost to our huge and unthinking immigration policies, and one of those costs is loss of liberty.