Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back at the old stand

We got back from our trip to Buffalo late last night, dog-tired after a two-stop flight from Buffalo that kept us engaged in traveling for about nine hours. Even though lengthy, the Soutwest flight was almost pleasant. The flight attendants have a sense of humor and almost make it fun to fly. Even the TSA folks weren't especially surly.

Anyway, we got the last (I think) of Jen's cousins likely to demand our attendance at a wedding properly and I think and hope, happily, married. As our present Jen did the wedding cake, which was an all-day proposition involving me and some other drafted assistants. It turned out nicely. We also spent a day traipsing through the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, including lunch overlooking the river at, as I remember, the Queen's Landing Hotel, and of course the Falls, close-up. Wonderful day.

Enough of the travelogue, events demand attention

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