Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush just pathetic

I probably shouldn't admit it, but there's something about watching President Bush deliver a speech these days that just sets my teeth on edge. He really should have let this be "Petraeus week," given his overreliance on the general to give his administration a modicum of credibility. But apparently, like any number of mediocrities who at some below-conscious level are afraid others will outshine them, he had to have his moment in the spotlight, to assert that he is the Decider.

He told us nothing we didn't know tonight. We'll be in Baghdad at least as long as he is president, and he explicitly talked about the commitment going into the next administration. He mentioned nothing about anything resembling diplomatic efforts. And he has that almost patronizing way about him, a bit like your worst caricature of some third-grade teacher who feels he/she has to talk down and stretch out the words so the poor little dears will grasp the complex concepts being presented.

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daveg said...

At least thirty percent of Republicans can't stand bush and the neocon. I am one of them.

The Republicans are going to get crushed in the next election. The other republicans must understand this.

Why they are willing to go down with the ship is beyond me.

Every other issue they have worked hard for - taxes, abortion, etc. - are going to go down the tubes just because of this perfectly idiotic war.