Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travelin' man

Didn't have computer access (I could have brought a laptop, I suppose, but I didn't) but I had a wonderful time. Perhaps the two are not unrelated?

I got back late, late last night -- past midnight at LAX and then an almost two-hour drive home -- and had to spend much of the day today doing errands and getting ready to leave again. We're going to Buffalo for my wife's cousins' wedding, and she's making the cake, so it's going to be a busy time too. But I think I'll be able to blog from there.

I was in Washington, DC for a seminar put on by the Institute for Humane Studies and Liberty Fund on world trade and globalization. I think I have more good reasons to favor both, but we didn't find the "killer" argument that would make resistance melt away. It would have to be a nuanced one, unfortunately; no phenomenon doesn't have costs as well as benefits, but the benefits (to me) so outweigh the costs that it's difficult to see why more people don't agree.

I also observed the antiwar march Saturday afternoon down Pennsylvania Ave. from the White House to the Capitol, and I'll have a more detailed report in a separate post. The policemen I talked to estimated the crowd at 10,000-15,000. It was mostly well run, though a few were arrested (probably on purpose). Sadly, I have a hard time seeing it make any difference when it comes to U.S. policy.

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