Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Paul breaking through

Well, at least in some stories, what should be the newsworthy fact that there is one principled antiwar candidate in the Republican field is beginning to break through. Ron Paul even got a headline here, for sparring with all the other candidates on the issue of the war, reminding them that a majority of Americans oppose the war, and warning them that the Republican Party faces the prospect of a long losing streak over foreign policy. He told me after the Reagan Library debate much earlier that he is convinced a pro-war candidate, or at least a "stay the course" and don't question the policy candidate simply can't win in 2008. McCain has tried to separate himself from the conduct of the war, as has Romney but only to advocate more aggressive policies.

I'm watching the Hannity-Colmes post-debate wrap-up out of curiosity. Fox News Channel has tried until tonight to ignore the fact that Ron Paul even exists, but it's become impossible, so Hannity, warmongering thug that he is, has decided to attack. The anti-Paul advocates got a boost from a Frank Luntz analyisis of focus group response to his exchange with "we're one nation, no dissent allowed" Huckabee, with Huckabee getting the more positive response. But then they announce the results of the phone texting poll (I don't even know how to do that) and Ron has 33 percent or 35 percent, about twice as many as whoever is in second place at the time, and Hannity scoffs with a "here we go again," as if he thinks by scoffing and implying that it's some kind of fix he can deny it. But these are Fox News viewers.

I noticed that Fox News didn't have one of those "instant polls" on its Web site whose results one can see almost in real time, just a place to e-mail a vote and maybe they'll post responses.

Just watched the interchange between Ron and Sean, and Ron more than held his own. Sean is so invincibly ignorant I don't even think he knew he was beaten. Ron wasn't quite as strong on Reagan's foreign policy as he might have been (see "America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order" by a couple of old Reagan hands for details and documentation), but did reasonably well even there.

What I don't get is the utter devotion of Hannity and so many others to war as the most sacred and wonderful thing the United States can do. Will somebody please explain that to me?


mommaofthree said...

FOX News is just trying to sway people's votes, they ignored the fact that he won and even laughed at him. I am so disgusted.

daveg said...

I think Ron Paul did a fantastic job. He really smokes out the other republicans as well and makes them look like the loonies they are.

I can't imagine what a democrat thinks watching this republican advocate more strongly against the war their virtually of their candidates.

Anonymous said...

No lie. Now you can see why Paul is attracting democrats ... by the thousands, and tens of thousands. It's starting to look and feel like Braveheart here.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Is attracting true Americans that believe in the founding principals of this nation Period. It doesn't matter what party you label yourself with!