Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A long haul coming

Here's a link to the Register editorial responding to Gen. David Petraeus's appearances before Congress. We don't see much likelihood of getting out of Iraq soon. Will anybody remember, next time some morons beat the war drums, how much differently this war turned out than advertised? Wars are messy and unpredictable, although in a general way it wasn't that hard to predict that this one would turn out badly. When you do something aggressive and unjustified the world -- by which I don't mean the vaunted "international community" but the way the world works, with effect following cause and all that -- exacts a price,

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daveg said...

I really don't think the dems would pay a price by withholding funding.

In fact, I think they would gain popularity.

Bush could not "veto" this, and the Senate could not do anything either.

All funding starts in the house.