Monday, September 03, 2007

Strange weather

I'm not sure to what extent the strange weather in Southern California contributed to my being without connectivity most of the weekend -- or whether it was a probem Time-Warner didn't diagnose or something with our Linksys wireless transmitter. At any rate we've jury-rigged it so I'm back up and blogging.

Of course it's been hot. It's the first week of September. And when it's been 7 or 8 straight days of 100+, figure at least 108 here in Lake Elsinore. So naturally my lovely wife made sure we honored Labor Day weekend by working outside in the heat -- cutting down a couple of trees (! ) that, ironically enough, were damaged by cold weather last winter and planting some new ones we'll like better. Ah, well.

But the kicker was the humidity and the rain. Ordinarily we don't get rain in Southern California until late October and sometimes not until November. But we've had at least a little bit the last three days, along with copious thunder and lightning. And today, right after we had had lunch and were thinking about taking a dip, for about half an hour it came down in sheets. We know it's tropical strom Henriette off Baja, but it still felt ridiculous to have to come inside at 2:30 for something other than heat exhaustion. And while it cooled things down a bit, by late afternoon it was still well above 90. After the rain, however, it was a lovely day. And we gardened until after dark.

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