Thursday, June 04, 2009

That was almost too easy!

I know it wasn't really. Orlando missed quite a few shots on pretty open looks and can't be expected to shoot so poorly throughout the series. Dwight Howard will likely have some big games. But you have to give the Lakers' defense some credit for that. Howard is not necessarily accustomed to having two 7-footers swarming him, and that seemed to throw his rhythm off.

I was impressed from the beginning with the businesslike sense of mission the Lakers showed from the outset. Kobe was the key, of course, and took the game into his own hands in a sterling 3rd quarter. But everybody came to play and to win. I have been impressed with Stan Van Gundy during these playoffs and I think he'll be able to make some adjustments and have his team ready to be competitive Sunday. But tonight it was all Lakers.

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