Friday, June 12, 2009

LA dealing with dispensary hardship cases

Brett Stone brought this to my attention. LA has put an0other moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries, but some are appealing to stay open. Cahuenga Caregivers was one of the original authorized dispenaries but had to move after its landlord was issued an eviction threat from the DEA (I don't think the DEA ever followed up on any of those, it was just a harassment/intimidation technique by an agency that knew it didn't have the resources to begin to close all the dispensaries. Anyway, the city has told the outfit it has to close because it moved to its new location after the November 2007 moratorium and the appeal will be heard June 17. About 50 other clubs are in a similar situation.


Anonymous said...

50 other clubs..what about the several hundred the opened up under a "hardship exemption" loophole?

Will they be allowed to stay open?

If not can the city "pick favorites" of who will be allowed to stay open??

foglia said...

It's not a matter of picking favorites - The Hardship Exemption clause was written specifically for dispensaries which opened prior to the 2007 Moratorium but were unable to register due to having to relocate due to the DEA Landlord Letters. Approximately 50 Los Angeles dispensaries fall into that category - the other 600+ opened in defiance of the ICO and can not legally claim that they suffered a "hardship". The problem is that the City Council has failed to make any distinction between the two - recently denying three which actually qualified for the exemption. These dispensaries are now being forced to close - and failure to do so within 30 days, will result in fines and/or prosecution. Meanwhile, new dispensaries continue to open everyday - and hundreds of other post ICO dispensaries are still in operation.