Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sending out a nestling

Well, she's hardly a naif and she's certainly intellectually tough. Alyssia Finley got through four years at Stanford as a libertarian not only willing but eager to speak up, and to write articles for the paper deploring the politically correct climate on campus. She interned with us at the Register editorial page for a couple of summers and has submitted columns from campus during the school year. She's a fine, pungent writer and a clear thinker unlikely to back down from anybody. We've come to like her very much.

Anyway, yesterday we had a little party to wish her well in her next adventure in life. She's been hired by the Wall Street Journal editorial page to be (I'm pretty sure this is right) an assistant editor. So it's off to New York City Sunday for her. We had cake from Zov's and wished her well. I hope she has a great time and takes the place by storm.

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