Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More White House secrecy

The WaPo is on it, but I've seen little elsewhere about the White House not releasing the names of visitors to the White House, the same kind obsessive instinct for secrecy the Bush administration -- and most administrations, but not always so early and so contrarily to promises of utmost transparency. Wonder if this will become an issue? Its should.

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Chris Bieber said...

YOUR Strong Leader promised change and transparency.

Don't you see it(them)?????

Your bias towards individualism and privacy clouds the reality of the actions of the well-meaning Fabians in DC who are for either fast paced or plodding social democracy. It is beyond me to figger out if theres still time to change the road we're on.....

Hopefully enough time to read your biting and thoughtful writing and subtle as a brick rapier wit.

Chris on the East Side....our Homies are tougher then yours...