Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Medical marijuana news: mostly heartening

The worst news is that Charlie Lynch is scheduled (again) to be sentenced in federal court for running a medical marijuana dispensary that was perfectly legal under state law, possibly the last martyr to a federal policy the Obama administration claims to be abandoning. It's unclear whether the DOJ gave the judge in the case the clarification he requested. Other bad news. The LA City Council closed a "loophole" (which it created) in its previous law creating a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries, after which the number more than doubled. An example of government getting the opposite of its ostensible design when it passes a law.

Good news. San Francisco state Sen. Mark Leno, who's been pretty good on marijuana issues, introduced a resolution asking the federal government formally to end marijuana dispensary raids. Eric Holder has said there won't be more, but he hasn't issued a formal guideline yet. And in Michigan, the owner of a hydroponics store who is offering free instruction in medical marijuana growing says with the demise of the auto industry Michigan needs a new identity and medical marijuana would be a good choice. It would sure beat those lame commercials the state runs now with that washed-up actor (is it Jeff Daniels?) lying about what a friendly business environment Michigan has.

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