Friday, June 26, 2009

Many police still don't get it

Here's a report (h/t Brett) on a talk given by LA Dep. Police Chief Michel Moore, whose bailiwick is the San Fernando Valley. In response to questions he offered answers that suggest a real basic ignorance about medical marijuana and the law. He got the number of the Prop. wrong (it's 215, not 209) and pretty much everything else. He claims most of the medical marijuana dispensaries are "shams" that really sell to the general public. He totally misunderstands the reason the law says "recommendation," not "prescription." It never said "prescription" because prescriptions are governed by the feds so you can't use that term without their approval. So there's been no "loosening" of standards.

If the police charged with enforcing the law misunderstand it so profoundly, we've got a lot of educating to do. I'll work a bit on my book tonight too. Thought the one I already wrote dealt with all these issues years ago.

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Anonymous said...

They should legalize drugs. America's tragic "war on drugs" (really a war on Americans) is just a modern day version of the tragedy of prohibition in the 1920's. That little bit of 'big-government knows best' social engineering turned the streets of Chicago into a bloodbath. And its the same madness today...