Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Grove loses on medical marijuana

I really shouldn't feel Schadenfreude because it's city taxpayers who are suffering, not the arrogant officials responsible for frittering away as much as $250,000 trying to evade the state's medical marijuana law. In 2005 they found medical marijuana on one Felix Kha (I've met him and talked fairly extensively) during a routine traffic stop. The cop said he couldn't verify Felix's recommendation, so he confiscated the medicine and issued a citation. The DA did verify the marijuana recommendation was valid and declined to prosecute. As this Register editorial explains, even when a court ordered the police to return his medicine they refused, and the city filed an appeal that they took all the way to both Calif. and national supreme courts after losing. Both declined the case. So the city had to pay $139,000 in attorney fees to Americans for Safe Access. Too bad it doesn't come directly from the pockets of the police chief and city council.

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