Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"White Flight" reversing in NYC

Here's an interesting little article that tends to confirm Alan Ehrenhalt's thesis, about which I wrote previously, that American cities are oh-so-gradually coming to resemble European cities a bit more, in that the city centers are becoming more and more the domain of the affluent, while the poor and minorities are moving more to the near suburbs. Seems that the proportion of non-Hispanic whites in New York City is now increasing. Ever since 1940 the share of non-Hispanic whites has been declining, but since 2000 there's been a noticeable uptick, half of it since 2006. The city is now 35 percent white, 27 percent Hispanic, 23.5 percent black and 12 percent Asian. Census demographers also found a decline in immigration, both legal and illegal -- not surprising during rough economic times, especially in the construction industry.

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