Monday, September 01, 2008

Bruins! Just enough offense, 27-24

Wow! That game was fun to watch, especially since it turned out the way it did. No way UCLA should have beaten Tennessee, especially with Kevin Craft throwing four (4!) interceptions in the first hald, the last one returned for a touchdown to put Tennessee up 14-7, seemingly wasting a good defensive effort. But it was close enough, and as bad as Kevin was the first half (though one could discern moments of competence) he was terrific in the second half. Hardly overwhelming, but when they had to do it they did, and he made hardly any more poor decisions. You have to feel badly for the Tennessee place-kicker who missed a chip-shot field goal in overtime, but . . .

One top-25 team down, five to go.

Of course it was the defense that made it possible -- unless it was me turning my UCLA cap around rally-style at the beginning of the second half -- stymieing what I think will be a good Tennessee offense. And Neuheisel wins his first game as UCLA coach. All in all, a satisfactory bout of couch-potatoing. And we even got some work done around the house before the game started. You won't recognize the place, Frank. Your mother says hi.

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