Friday, September 12, 2008

Automakers want on the government teat

Of course this was in the works before the unconscionable Fannie/Freddie taxpayer bailout, but it's coming to the fore now. The Big Three Detroit automakers want low-interest loans from the government, ostensibly to help them finance research into high-mileage-low-emission cars, and meet the new CAFE standards. As this Register editorial points out, there's no reason for the taxpayers to do this -- and the most constructive possible course of action would be to repeal the CAFE standards entirely, since they haven't done a thing for emissions or anything except the self-righteousness of politicians since the 1970s.

Lemme see. The newspaper business is in serious trouble right now -- no joke -- and it's more than a little unclear how we'll come out of it , but probably with a lot fewer newspapers. Maybe we should get low-interest repayment-optional loans from the government. After all, how can we continue to have an independent voice to serve as a check on government unless we become dependent on government?

If that makes sense to you you're qualified for a government job.

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