Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy ending after Duke

Sometimes you discover a story that is simply heartwarming. You probably remember the Duke lacrosse team case, where a non-credible accusation of rape was made against practically the entire team but the local DA (looking at a reelection campaign, natch) decided to pursue it aggressively anyway. Eventually the boys were exonerated and Nifong disciplined by the Bar.

But what of the team's coach, one Mike Pressler. During the scandal the athletic director demanded his resignation, despite his 16 years building the team into a national championship contender. He got death threats. And he was virtually unemployable. No Division I school would touch him despite his being one of the top coaches in the country.

Finally, as William Anderson, who followed the case assiduously reports, Bryant University, a Division II school in Rhode Island, took a chance on him in late 2006. The school had had only losing seasons, but within a year Bryant had the team winning the league and in two years making the lacrosse "final four." It isn't as prestigious as Duke, but he's appreciated and just got a new contract. Nice to see a decent man reconstitute his life after being treated so shabbily.

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