Friday, September 26, 2008

Bruins: not expecting much

I'll watch the game, but I'm afraid I might have to be content if the Bruins just show a few signs of life. Fresno State, ranked 24th in some polls, beat Wisconsin in a game I caught some of, and seems to have a first-rate football team this year. There's just a chance that Kevin Craft will find that swagger (and passing accuracy) he had in the second half of the Tennessee game, and there's just a chance that after three games the offensive line, young as it is, will finally come together. But now Trevor Theriot, the fullback and a pretty good blocker, is down. They expect Khalil Bell, slated to start at tailback, will play some, but he's not 100% yet and probably won't play the full game. I'd love to be surprised, but it's looking like that creature fans hate to acknowledge, a rebuilding year. I still love the Bruins, but I think I'm pretty realistic.

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