Friday, September 19, 2008

Gut-check time for the Bruins

I know it's a long season and there's time for this team to improve on the pattern under Karl Dorrell, which seemed to be to show promise in September and fade badly in November. But I think tomorrow's game with Arizona could be particularly important for this Bruin team, after that debacle in Provo. Of course two more running backs are injured, Khalil Bell is questionable, and Paulsen is still out, as well as the starting center. So it won't be easy. But I think Arizona can be beaten. Even if not, it's important at least to make it respectable and begin to establish some semblance of a running game (0.8 yards per carry in the first two games). And the key to that is the offensive line, which has been questionable from the beginning. Have any of those young kids learned anything from (or been embarrassed enough by) those first two game. Guess we'll find out, beginning about noon tomorrow.

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