Friday, September 26, 2008

Live-blogging the debate

My colleagues Steve Greenhut, Mark Landsbaum and I live-blogged the presidential debate tonight at the Register's Orange Punch blog. We didn't score it, as some did, just made comments as it went along. I thought it was fairly even, which probably meant Obama won since foreign policy was supposed to be McCain's turf. As I said at the end, however, it was two imperialists jousting about which parts of the empire they wanted to put resources into, which is hardly satisfying to somebody like me who wants to see a new foreign policy. Ah. well.

A few other comments, based on some channel-switching. Chris Matthews was ballistic wanting Obama to be more populist and talk about the misery of people being laid off and all. But Obama isn't a populist type and never will be. For some liberals, it's always the Great Depression. He also went on and on about how McCain didn't look Obama in the eyes. Big deal, phony issue. David Gergen on CNN scored it for Obama. And Frank Luntz's focus group, composed of undecided independents, he assured us, split 17-10 for Obama

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