Monday, September 15, 2008

59-0: Aaaarrrggghh!

Sometimes games just get out of hand, so I'll wait at least a week to determine whether I think the Bruins are utterly hopeless this year. But it certainly didn't look good on Saturday. Even losing the top two quarterbacks, one of only 2 guys on the O-line who had started before this year, and our top tight end doesn't provide an excuse for the worst blowout since Hoover was in the White House. I'm hoping it was just one of those games, but who knows.

Hmmmm. I probably have some eligibility left; maybe I should enroll quickly and volunteer to help out. I'm about 30 pounds heavier than when I played Freshman ball, and a good deal meaner. The fact that I'm 47 years older shouldn't matter much from what I saw at Provo.

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