Monday, February 01, 2010

Medical marijuana just might come to Elsinore

It was fascinating to attend the town hall meeting last Monday put on by We the People of Elsinore, a group trying to get the city council, which is inclined to ban medical marijuana facilities, to change its mind or put the issue on the ballot and let the people decide. All the panelists, including my old friends Judge Jim Gray and Ed Rosenthal, but also including a Dr. Fichter and the lady in charge of the medmar ID card program for Riverside County, were quite good. A lot of information was dispensed, a lot of questions were asked and answered, and I got to meet Wayne Williams, a local businessman who put the program together. I hadn't seen Ed Rosenthal for several years and we made plans to get togethernext time he's in Southern California.

Of course it's possible that the issue will become moot if California approves the tax-and-regulate-on-the-alcohol model initiative that officially now will be on the ballot in November. But it is encouraging to see medical marijuana advocates (much of the audience of 150, which filled the cultural center to overflowing seemed to be patients, but not all) and other citizens getting together to take action in the light of recalcitrance from City Hall. Of course none of the citi council members showed up.


Anonymous said...

Why not leagalize Marijuana period. Let people decide for themselves what they want to smoke or ingest. The "war on drugs" is a terrible mistake. Didn't Americans learn from the 1920's?

Alan Bock said...

Californians will have a chance in November (though the alcohol model in the tax-and-regulate model in the initiative is far more restrictive than is warranted). I think Americans have learned at least that the drug war is a failure, but the politicians are stubborn in their stupidity.

Armin said...

Let's face facts folks... the people that don't understand medical cannabis are a dying demographic. Sooner or later their voting voice will be silenced once and for all.

Until then, let the narrow minded dribble of the fascist right continue to spout their ridiculously contrived logic as to why medical cannabis is so "dangerous" to the lives and futures of our youth. Last time I checked our last three presidents of the United States of Hypocrisy admitted to smoking cannabis.