Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jack Herer leaving the hospital

It's become pretty obvious that what's going on with Jack Herer depends to a great extent on who is telling the story. According to this story, his wife Jeannie has won a suit in Oregon on February 3 that makes her his official guardian, and the power of attorney of Joy Graves and CharlesJacobs was revoked. (This news was announced on the Web site Jeannie apparently maintains.) Then in Los Angeles reports that Jeannie has established a home in Portland, OR, and Jack is expected to leave the hospital and join her there for what is expected to still be a lengthy recovery period. The story also claims that their roommate Beau went to the hospital to watch the Super Bowl with Jack.

I don't have first-hand information. I just hope that Jack recovers and ends up all right. He's been a stalwart in the marijuana legalization movement.

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