Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another rogue DEA agent -- in Denver

Remember Obama's and Eric Holder's promise that it would be the policy of this administration not to send the feds after medical marijuana users, growers and distributors of medical marijuana in states with medical marijuana laws, so long as they were compliant with state law? Well, the DEA in Denver last Friday raided a home where a guy was growing for patients in his basement. As far as I can tell his "crime" was getting a little publicity. So the thuggish liar Heffrey Sweetin, head of the local DEA office, went after him, repeating the lie the feds are still so arrogant as to think they can make you believe, that "marijuana is not medicine." Maybe they have to convince themselves, but it is such a low lie and anyone who knows even a tiny bit knows it.

I still think that such thuggishness will backfire, that it will only convince more people to support initiatives like the tax-and-regulate initiative that will be on the California ballot in November. If the authorities aren't willing to cooperate in carving out an exception to prohibition for people with cancer, multiple sclerosis and the like, people will be ready just to legalize and take the decision out of their hands.

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Anonymous said...

My own take is who cares whether Marijuana is medicine or not? Why not let adults decide for themselves if they wish to consume it? Didn't America learn anything from Al Capone and prohibition?